Saturday, 12 December 2015


If you want to become an actor, take it very seriously because your every single second is precious. By the time you realize the importance of career being an actor it will be too late.
Manage your time and days.
Remember this thing "first you need to help yourself" than others
If you are serious in making career in acting, you must join some renowned acting Institute.
Improve your acting skills and learn everything about acting. Many a time, Directors and Casting Directors have tie ups with renowned acting schools. Who knows you turn up lucky and get a direct entry to Bollywood. Join Theatre groups to brush up your acting skills that will improve your performance.
If you are an acting aspirant, you will have to read alot, start reading with Manto (about him and his plays/Stories )than come to other writers like Premchand, Badal Sarkar, Shakespear, Girish Karnad,Vijay Tendulkar and do not forget to read 'Panchtantra' short moral stories, you will learn alot.
Networking is very important for everyone to survive in their respective fields. Make sure you make friends and increase network. Go to social gatherings, events and try to interact with them socially.They can be really helpful in future.
Work On your body and be in shape, so that you don't suffer because of your physique.
Work on your looks because looks are another prominent feature and can also be your simplest and easiest entry to bollywood. Stay in style, wearing stylish clothes and taking care of your skin.
In brief you will have to work on you. Most important thing is work on your acting skills. Our friends sometimes make us feel that we are really good actors, but the reality is way too different.
Do not day dream and come back to reality.
The life of actors might seem all glitz and glamour but only they know , how hard one has to work to maintain it.
So choose acting as your career if you are mentally prepared, because you need work hard with patience.
Goodluck, Stay connected

Kanchan Chauhan

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