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Get it on, Come and Join us for the 2 Days Camera Acting & Grooming workshop here in MIFA on 3rd & 4th October, 2015 (Sat & Sun) @1-4PM by Casting Director Mr.  Rajesh Gautam

Subjects covered include Grooming & Acting, Body Posture, Time Management, Portfolio Presentation.

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Seats Allotment: First come first serve basis.

Maximum no. of seats: 20

 Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply before 30th September, 2015
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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Acting Techniques

There are so many acting techniques out there it can feel a little overwhelming sometimes - let me try and make things a little clearer for you easily and quickly...
Method Acting
Method Acting is often talked about in hushed terms as if people were in church. People talk as if actors physically and literally “become the character...." through some bizarre mystical process.  What is odd is that Lee Strasberg 
“What all actors have always done whenever they acted well.”
Method-acting is a method of acquiring truth in character. Used well it is total immersion in a role "Getting under the skin of someone else." Becoming so convincing that the "Willing suspension of disbelief" follows for the audience and they and the other actors are able to accept the performance "as if" it were truth itself.
Hollywood is full of stories about method actors who have gone too far, the truth is that method-acting is a vital acting technique that will bring life to your performance. Method-acting examines the psychology and history of character, and teaches the actor to harness his or her own past experience in order to play the part. Sensory exercises play a huge role in stimulating the actors’ imagination. It is vital to learn how to expand your imagination so it assists you, that way you continue to develop as an actor.
Most actors use elements of method-acting in order to create a convincing performance and it is one of the most widely used acting techniques. Creating a back-story for the life of your character up to the point where the play or film begins, enables the role to be based on a distillation of truth. Ask yourself compelling questions? Where was I born? How did I get on with my parents? Where did I learn my major lessons in life? How? What happened at college? Did I go to college...etc.....The purpose is to stimulate your actors mind to give focal points of history to deepen your knowledge of character.
Lee Strasberg, the founder of method-acting felt that the performance should be the climax of the character’s life and had to be seen in context with everything that had gone before.
This close association with the portrayal of a character can cause problems for an actor, especially when playing an evil role. Inhabiting the mind of a monster can have an effect on day-to-day life. Kate Winslet for example struggled for months to get back to normal after playing a concentration camp guard in the award winning film The Reader, and many actors report the same sort of experiences.
The reason for this is that the inner mind cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined event. It is very important for actors to learn how to associate themselves into a role and dissociate themselves from it when they are not performing.
Some extreme method actors risk their health by going to great lengths to look like their characters, undergoing drastic eating regimes in order to fatten up or slim down for their role. Daniel Day Lewis famously stays in character all through a film and on the set of "Lincoln" asked director Steven Spielberg and others to address him as "Mr President"
The death of Heath Ledger has been attributed to his excessive use of method acting. Playing the Joker in the blockbuster Batman Returns, Ledger apparently remained in character over the months throughout filming and became obsessed by it.  He could not snap out of the character he described as a “psychotic mass murdering clown”, perhaps this led to his depression and death through an accidental overdose of sleeping pills. 
Personally I believe it is vital to understand the depths of a characters mind - but there are limits and you need to know your own boundaries, so do take care guys.
Method acting can be taken to excess but excellent actors use it all the time - all good acting requires a depiction of reality and this vital acting technique gives you insight into your role and leads towards a peak performance every time.
Learning to relax is a key ingredient to being able to stay out of the darker aspects of your character.
Nick Recommends - To my mind the most extraordinary book on acting I have ever read and still refer to is "Respect for acting" by Uta Hagen. In my opinion this is an absolute must read for any serious actor. You can check it out here. The exercises contained in here will make you a better actor. Guaranteed.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What Need to You Look For When Picking an Acting School?

There are lots of acting schools to choose from. How do you make a decision which one is right for you? Under is usually a checklist of ten issues to take into consideration when producing your decision.
1) School Reputation
Learn about an acting school's reputation through word-of-mouth and if possible, by asking agents and Casting directors at seminars and workshops. Appear at how several working actors came out of the College you like in recent years. Also look in the acceptance rate and which schools call for an audition. Generally, the better schools are additional competitive. Take into account, although, that several A prestigious acting school is not going to let you audition professionally till you graduate.
2) The faculty
Your acting teachers may have lots to accomplish with the kind of actor you turn into. Discover when you can audit a class and if your teachers are functioning actors. Also appear at the student to faculty Ratio to make sure you get to perform on scenes in just about every class.
3) Focus of the college: film or theater
What kind of acting profession do you'd like? If you would like to become a Broadway actor, consider selecting a school in Delhi/Mumbai. Film acting schools will train you improved for acting in front of the Camera, but bear in mind that loads of casting directors nevertheless favor actors with theater Instruction, even for film and TV.
4) Technique of coaching
What is the philosophy of the college? What acting strategies will you study? Process acting? The Meisner approach? As a beginning actor, you could possibly not know what methods will function for you personally, so take into account a college that provides several approaches to acting. No matter what curriculum you decide on, ensure your acting class involves perform on relaxation, concentration, Improvisation, scene study and character study.
5) Classes offered
Beyond acting classes, an excellent acting Institute really should offer you courses in movement (which Includes stage combat and dance), vocal production and speech (like singing, dialects and accent Reduction if necessary), plus acting for the camera and auditioning classes. You might also want to take
Particular courses like mask, make-up and costumes.
6) Length of research
What kind of commitment do you want to make? If you're not sure you would like to develop into an Actor, start off off having a couple of acting classes or sign up to gets a summer acting camp. If you are ready to train full time, applications vary from one particular to four years of coaching.
7) Efficiency opportunities
How generally will you be on stage? That is crucial. You can't study to act when you do not get possibilities to function in front of an audience. Try to schedule a college tour to take a look at the Facilities and their in-house theater(s). Discover if graduating students appear in an industry showcase in Front of agents and casting directors.
8) Preparation for the marketplace
Ask in the event the acting school offers assist with headshots, resumes and cover letters. Are Workshops and seminars with operating pros included within the curriculum? Does the school have a film department exactly where you could work with future filmmakers and get a reel with each other? Are internships in the entertainment business facilitated? Could be the school affiliated having a skilled acting business? All these factors will help you land your first acting jobs.
9) Acting Certificate
What certificate will you get at the finish of one's acting coaching? A Diploma Certificate from acting Institute will give you extra choices inside the future, such as the possibility of pursuing a Carrier in acting.
10) Cost
Take into consideration your budget. You will need funds for tuition fees, books, supplies, area and Board, transportation and private expenses. Learn if the Institute you’re thinking about Presents monetary help. Also know in advance what sort of economic danger you're taking (some acting schools do not assure their students is going to be accepted into the second or third year).
Hope these recommendations enable. Fantastic luck on your 1st step towards an acting career!
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