Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Every great dream begins with a dreamer

Wednesday, December 9,2015
Kanchan Chauhan

 Renowned humanitarian, Harriet Tubman had said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.”
If you are a Dreamer we appreciate it,because every Artist,Actors and Directors all those people who are famous and sucessful they all were "a Dreamer" onces.
Dhundiraj Govind Phalke was a deamer like you who became "The father of Indian cinema, he is recognized for India’s first full length feature film titled Raja Harishchandra.
Dadasaheb Phalke started his career as a small time photographer and also trained in the art of magic and started his own printing press. But his true calling came in the form of films after he got inspired by a movie, The Life of Christ, in 1910.
He loaned money from his friends to go to England and learn the art of filmmaking. A lot of hard work and effort later, India received its first feature film through the silent movie, Raja Harishchandra. Phalke was a one-man army doubling up as a cameraman, art-director, costume-designer, editor, processor, printer, developer and distributor, all rolled into one. Infact he himself toured from one town to another to showcase his movie.
Post the success of his first film, he went on to produce many films and also set up the ‘Hindustan Films Company’. His outstanding contribution in filmmaking changed the course of Indian cinema.
When these things happening lots of Artist got inspired by Dada
Khan Bahadur Ardeshir Irani popularly known as Ardeshir Irani, was a writer, director, producer, actor, film distributor, film showman and cinematographer in the silent and sound eras of early Indian cinema. He was renowned for making films in Hindi, Telugu, English, German, Indonesian, Persian, Urdu and Tamil. He was a successful entrepreneur who owned film theatres, a gramophone agency, and a car agency.
####‪#‎Ardeshir Irani gave India its first own talking-singing film with Alam Ara (1931). #####

Irani has donned many hats in the field of films.He acquired ‘Alexander Theatre’ in Bombay in partnership with a friend, Abdulally Esoofally. He also became India’s representative of ‘Universal Pictures’.
He made his first silent feature film, Nala Dayamanti in 1920. Inspired by Dadasaheb Phalke’s commercially successfully films like Krishna Janam and Kaliya Mardan he ventured into film production.
He set up ‘Star Production’ with Bhogilal Dave and made over 17 films under this banner.
Irani then founded ‘Majestic Films’ in 1924 and in 1925 ‘Imperial films’ was formed. It was under this banner that he made India’s first sound feature film Alam Ara in 1931.
Though Alam Ara took months to complete owing to various hazards, the film was a runaway hit. Ardeshir Irani is also remembered for two other momentous achievements, the first ever Indian colour film, Kisan Kanya in 1937 and the first ever Persian talkie, Dukhtar-i-Lor. Irani made over 150 films in a long and illustrious career and has been a true revolutionary for Indian cinema.
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